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VC Associate online training course taught weekly over a 6 week period.  Unlike university courses this program is taught by Angels, Syndicate Leads and professional VC's.

Get working knowledge of the VC associate role through a series of real-life experiences.


Distinguish yourself in the job market with a respected VC portfolio and certificate of completion acknowledging the skills sets you have mastered.

  • 6 Week Training Program 

  • Online course with weekly 1:1 advising

  • During these 6 weeks, you will: 

    • Create your own investment thesis ​

    • Source and vet real startups

    • Perform due diligence on real startups

    • Pitch deals to actual venture capitalists

    • And More...

  • Compete in a 10 day case competition

  • Opportunity to be brought on as a venture associate at UnVentures

Program Overview
About Us

Ventur(ED) is facilitated by the UnVentures Partner Team.  The team has over 20 years of experience in early-stage investing specifically in Silicon Valley:

  • Building startup communities

  • Leading Angel investment group

  • Vetting startups for Super Angels and top tier VC's

We are sharing this hard fought knowledge and experience for the next group of world changing VC's.

Prove Your Skills

All participants who complete the course work and present a final project are awarded a certificate of completion.

This course will teach the fundamentals of venture investing: 

  • Master critical VC terms

  • Skills to source deals, perform due diligence, and write term sheets. 

  • Hands-on experience with Venture Funds, Angel Investor Groups, and top Venture Professionals.

Program Schedule
  • Week 1:

    • Day 1: Overview

    • Day 2: Fund Formation

    • Day 3: Investment Thesis​

  • Week 2:  

    • Day 1: Deal Flow  

    • Day 2: Sourcing Investments

    • Day 3: High Level Due Diligence

  • Week 3:

    • Day 1: Term Sheet

    • Day 2: Capitalization / Dilution

    • Day 3: Detailed Due Diligence

  • Week 4:

    • Day 1: Pitching Investors

    • Day 2: Liquidity Events 

    • Day 3: Legal Issues in VC

  • Week 5:

    • Day 1: Other Considerations

    • Day 2: Current Events / Trends

    • Day 3: Case Help / Q&A

  • Week 6

    • Day 1: Presentations

    • Day 2: Presentations

    • Day 3: Presentations

Case Competition Details

Students will also compete in a case competition at the end of the training program that has been designed to be an application of the material learned during the 6 week program. The competition will encompass:

  • Sourcing Startups

  • Screening a startup that fits your thesis

  • Performing due diligence on the startup

  • Creating a pitch deck

  • Showcasing your pitch to a board of Venture Capitalists

These topics will be covered in the 6 week training program in the form of lectures, research projects, workshops, and quizzes. This course is primarily self-directed, and it is up to the students each week to be responsible for the material covered in posted lecture slides. 


The content covered in the lectures can be discussed with other students, the UnVentures partners, and your 1-on-1 weekly advisor. All of the material learned will be necessary for each student to complete the final case competition, where you will create a venture deal for a real startup and pitch to a board of venture capitalists.

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Application deadline date of August 30th and program begins October 4th





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