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This course is designed to teach participants the core fundamental knowledge needed to enter the venture investment space. 




Why Us?

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UnVentures, INC has put together a 4 week online bootcamp to educate early-stage investors on best practices for sourcing and funding early-stage startup companies. The Ventur(ED) program is for individuals serious about entering the venture capital industry or becoming a sophisticated Angel Investor.

This course is designed to teach participants the core fundamental knowledge needed to enter the venture investment space.  It is the course we wished existed when we started sourcing companies 10 years ago.

At UnVentures, Inc we believe in honesty and transparency.  In addition to general education, this program is used to source potential venture associates and limited partners for our venture funds.  We deeply believe that education is a key component of our success.


Program Schedule

The program is delivered weekly over the course of four weeks online.

Week 1

Program Overview   Key Terms   Fund Formation   Investment Thesis

Week 2

Deal Flow Strategy   Sourcing Investments   Due Diligence   Investor Pitch

Week 3

Term Sheets   Capitalization   Dilution

Week 4

Legal   Other Terms   Sourcing LPs   Industry Trends


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Program Team

Venture Associates
First time Angel Investors
Corporate Representatives

Brett Noyes

CEO & Founder

Brett Noyes has organized and created incubator programs for Techstars, Jason Calacanis (LAUNCH Festival) and Tim Draper (DFJ/Draper University). In these roles he built relationships with top rated accelerator programs throughout the world including 500(FinTech) Startups, Techstars, YCombinator, CFSI, Yodlee and QCFinTech. 


Jack Saba

Program USA

Jack Saba is the director of program development and serves as an advisor to cohort companies. Previous work involves developing entrepreneur programs for Tim Draper and global Blockchain jurisdiction work for the PNG government.


Matt Sinks

Program China

Matt Sinks leads the effort to develop programs for the Chinese market expansion. Previous work includes founding Rncor a medical records/payment platform.  Acquired by Wenzhou health care system.

Katherine .png

Catherine Yushina

Merge Lane, Zeus Exchange

Catherine Yushina is a former Draper Venture Network associate and tech startup founder.  She has worked with every stage of startup on both sides of the table and brings this experience to the team.


Jasmine Bathie

Marketing & Program

Jasmine Bathie is in charge of program development for Unbank.Ventures. Jasmine has developed the Ventur(ED), Invest(ED) and Exec(ED) programs. In addition to this she leads the marketing efforts for all Unbank.Ventures programs and events. 

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