UnVentures Spring Showcase 2019


In celebration of the completion of Unbank.Ventures Cohort #5, UnVentures will be hosting a demo day and FinTech company showcase on June 26th at ETC Labs in San Francisco, CA.

This event will feature:


Unbank Portfolio Companies:


Rabbet - (Cohort #1/YC)


Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that intelligently parses documents and connects information for frictionless transactions.


Talage - (Cohort #2/Acceleprise)

Talage is a digital marketplace for small business insurance which compares quotes and buys your insurance in minutes without speaking to an agent.

SMBX - (Cohort #2/Berkeley Skydeck)

SMBX is a public marketplace for buying and selling U.S. small business bonds.


CreditHydra - (Cohort #2)


Hydra lets every individual to become their own credit bureau and transfers the data ownership from centralized authorities to the individual


Reasi - (Cohort #3/MetaProp NYC)


Reasi digitizes home buying on the blockchain, streamlining the offer-to-close process and eliminating escrow fees.


Unbank.Incubate Cohort #5




Blocklight is the premier analytic platform for e-commerce businesses.




Main Street Match helps match small business owners with local lenders who are interested in financing ventures like theirs to expedite the loan process.




Odin Money exists to help people build financial wealth by leveraging technology to provide financial wisdom



Elevatyr is the simplest way to intelligently trade cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Elevatyr takes care of each aspect of the cryptocurrency investment process for our users, so they can enjoy the benefits of investing in the space, without the challenges that come along with it.




Pluto Money (Techstars)


Pluto guides you to take doable steps with your finances in a fun, simple way.


Bridgecare Finance (Techstars)


BridgeCare is the workplace benefit that makes child care and education work for parents and their employers.




Borderless mobile finance platform with payments and savings accounts, a financial app market, and a digital-footprint-based credit score.




LionX provides an SDK that Financial Institutions and FinTechs integrate into their mobile application to help consumers protect their identity and share personal information safely.


Cryzen (ETC Labs)


Cryzen is an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies, that allows users to develop, backtest, visualize, and deploy trading strategies to the cryptocurrency markets.


hopps is an iOS / iPad application for patrons to seamlessly order drinks from their phone, while boosting revenue for venues and tips for bartenders.

Date: Wed, June 26, 2019

Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

Location: 111 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA 94102




5:00 - Networking & Registration

5:30 - Unbank Ventures Portfolio

6:00 - Unbank Incubate Cohort #5

6:30 - Network

7:00 - Final Remarks & Network

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