InVest(ED) - March 27

This invite-only speaker series brings together investors, corporates and startups to learn about emerging topics in startup investing and related topics.

UnVentures was formed to educate, connect and accelerate founders, investors and services providers in the Blockchain and FinTech space. These events are put in conjunction with our partner Fenwick & West LLP, a premier technology firm in Silicon Valley. 

The purpose of these events will be to educate investors on emerging trends in Blockchain, FinTech and the changing landscape of early-stage investment.  Members of this event series will have early access to pre-vetted companies.

Introduction to Token Economics
Using Tokens to Solve Real-World Problems

Token economics represents the incentives, mechanisms, and supply & demand design for any token-backed project. Good token design can be counterintuitive but it ensures long-term sustainability while poor design can ruin a project before it ever gets started. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Case study on TrueBit to introduce token economic design to enable decentralized trustless applications. 

  • Fundamentals of token economics and token design

  • Economic differences between utility and security tokens

Who Is This Session For:

  • Crypto investors looking to better understand token economics when evaluating projects & tokens

  • Project founders and smart contract designers who want to implement a smart token economic design

  • Service providers or others who work with projects or are paid in token and want to assess the project’s token economics

Presenter Bio:
Henry He is cofounder and CEO of SesameOpen. An ex-Googler and alumnus of Nortel Networks, he is an expert in security and IP routing and a frequent speaker on token economics.

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