The Elevate.Society Syndicate believes that a high-return investment opportunity lays in solving ever growing gaps that exist in our current Economy - from equal opportunities, financial health education to use and security of data. We seek to invest in sectors that are already showing the fast-growing stats and that are the new interest focus for bigger financial players. We seek to work with economy changing entrepreneurs solving problems in the following areas:

Personal Financial Management:  Whether you are a new graduate, a gig-economy worker, living paycheck to paycheck or one of the millions of underbanked in the United States you are probably struggling to get by.  A stagger 50 million of the US population falls into the underbanked category. We seek to fund founders that are solving these problems through the application of technology platforms and new business models.  

Small & Medium Enterprise (SME):  The lifeblood of the American economy are SME’s.  Over 99% of America's 28.7 million businesses are small businesses.  In spite of an overwhelming portion of the economy being SME’s these companies struggle with essential tasks including business credit, cash flow management, payroll, obsolete lending and financing systems, task automation and HR compliance.  We seek to fund founders that are elevating their community and solving these problems through new technology applications and platforms.

Regulatory & Data Compliance:  Data is driving innovation. The exchange of data and its analytics will grow exponentially, which will require a new era of moral, compliant, and automated controls.  These challenges will effect everyone from large institutions to SMEs all the way down to the individuals. We seek to fund founders that are solving these problems through new technology applications and platforms.


Catherine and Brett are former Draper Venture Network colleagues. 


Catherine comes from an entrepreneurial family and started learning the hows of building businesses and analyzing global investment opportunities early on. She has a masters degree in International Relations from Moscow State University.


After immigrating to the US, she served as an analyst for the Global Technology Fund, formerly the DFJ VTB Aurora Fund. She also co-founded Startwise, an investment platform that focused on providing investment opportunities for funding SMEs by non-accredited investors. 


Catherine is an investor in one of the leading data unicorns and participates in syndication of $1B+ valuation deals. She currently serves as the COO at Fination (global asset trading powered by blockchain).


Catherine brings a combination of investment, startup and analytical mindset to the partnership.

Noyes comes from main street America.  He grew up in an entrepreneurial family where he watched his father build a company from their basement to 13 western states.  Through this experience, Noyes learned the challenges and triumphs of building a successful SME business.


Noyes would go on to get his MBA in Finance at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.  While in Spokane Noyes built a startup ecosystem using the Startup Weekend platform, started the areas first hackathon, managed an Angel Investment group and started a Keiretsu Forum angel investment group.


In 2014, Noyes moved to Silicon Valley to pursue a career in venture capital.  Since moving to Silicon Valley, Noyes has worked for top-rated super Angel, Jason Calacanis and built a FinTech incubator for Tim Draper.


Following this Noyes then would go onto to start his own FinTech incubator called, Unbank.Ventures.  Through this program, he incubated 45 companies, built an investor syndicate and help raise over $100,000 million dollars for the companies he worked with.

We are seeking accredited investors to join our investor syndicate. 

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