InVest(ED) - July 18

Investing in Top Blockchain Projects

Investing in Top Blockchain Projects




















From the ICO boom to the crypto winter we have seen the ebbs and flows of the highly volatile Blockchain and Crypto sector. ETC Labs and Unchain.Ventures are committed to bringing Blockchain technology into mainstream adoption through education.

They are combining their expertise in crypto, acceleration and Blockchain venture investing to bring you the best-in-class education on investing and building a Blockchain company. This workshop is for anyone looking to invest in or build a serious Blockchain enabled company.

You will leave this 1-day workshop with a working knowledge of the most important topics in Blockchain. Topics include:

  • Protocol(ED) - in this session startups will learn how to select the Blockchain protocol that will allow your company to grow and scale. Investors will learn how to evaluate protocol-market fit.

  • Regulat(ED) - in this session startups and investors will learn about the key US and global regulatory issues that will affect fundraising and operations.

  • Tokenomic(ED) - in this session startups will learn best practices for developing token based incentives for their communities. Investors will learn how to analyze projects/white papers that have token economies.

  • Market(ED) - in this session startups will learn best practices for running a legal and compliant token sale. Investors will learn to identify projects that are not compliant.

  • Invest(ED) - in this session both startups and investors will learn what leading Blockchain VC’s are looking for in projects they invest in.

  • Pitch(ED) - in this final session startup and investors will have an opportunity to see a live pitch from 3 Blockchain companies. In this simulated process, participants will get an opportunity to go through apply everything they learned in an investment simulation exercise.

  • Audience: This event is designed for startups that want to build best-in-class Blockchain projects and investors that want to learn how to identify and invest in these projects. While this is the primary audience this event is open to anyone wanted to learn more about building/investing in Blockchain projects.

  • Take Aways: startups and investors will leave with a working knowledge of key aspects of building and investing in a Blockchain project. They will also leave with a due diligence framework to apply in practice.


9:00 -

Networking and Opening Remarks

10:00 - Protocol(ED)

11:00 - Tokeneconomics

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Regulat(ED)

2:00 - Market(ED)

3:00 - Invest(ED)

4:00 - Pitch(ED)

4:30 - Happy Hour

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