Deal Sourcing

Unbank.Ventures utilizes four primary tactics for sourcing high-quality deal flow.  These tactics are the utilization of its advisor network, Invest(ED) speaker series and national network.

Advisor Network

Unbank.Ventures  has created an elite advisory team with expertise in financial services, intellectual property, venture capital, and FinTech entrepreneurship. 


The fund utilizes their expertise and network to source, vet and invests in companies.

Unbank.Ventures starts with expert advise with the future exit in mind.

Unbank.Ventures has developed a network of top tier service providers.  In addition, to providing services to Unbank.Ventures fund and portfolio the Partner Network provides introductions to quality deal-flow.

Partner Network Full

Partner Network

Invest(ED) Speaker Series

Unbank.Ventures seek to establish itself as the premier FinTech fund with proprietary access to top-quality deal-flow, follow-on investor relations, and strategic partnerships.

To accomplish this it has created the InVest(ED) speaker series.  These highly-curated invite-only events bring together top tier founders, VC’s and strategic partners for both breakfast and happy hour events.  

These events are delivered in a Fireside or panel format where VC’s interview their top portfolio companies.  Through these events Unbank.Ventures is building a community that will support its deal sourcing, follow-on fundraising, and exit strategies.

Objective:  Develop quality deal flow for the fund and establish relationships with follow on investors.


Cadence:  Quarterly

Format:  Fireside Chat

Style:  Formal

Audience:  Investor/Founder

Audience Size:  30-40 

North America Network

Over the past 3 years Unbank.Ventures has built a North American network of founders, corporate executives, university representatives, governmental officials, and service providers.  This network is utilized to raise awareness of the Unbank.Accelerate program and to source deal-flow.

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